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MTR fare rebate extended Apr 23rd 2019, 16:00
Secretary for Transport & Housing Frank Chan has welcomed the Mass Transit Railway Corporation’s extension of a fare concession for Octopus passengers under its upcoming fare hike. The railway operator had earlier confirmed it would raise fares for 2019-20 by 3.3%. It said today that it would extend a 3.3% rebate for each trip in 2019-20 for Octopus passengers from six months to 40 weeks. Mr Chan said he was pleased the MTR Corporation has responded to the public concern and set aside additional resources to extend the rebate period. The move will allow the fares of about five million Octopus passengers to remain unchanged for 40 weeks, he added. The Government said it is concerned about citizens’ public transport expenses and has closely monitored public concern about the fare adjustment. Since the MTRC confirmed in March its fare adjustment for 2019-20, the Government has requested it consider providing more fare concessions to the public while taking into account its financial viability. The Government said it will continue to safeguard public interest and require the MTR to adjust its fares according to the existing mechanism. The railway operator should respond to public concerns and offer more fare concessions, especially when it is financially viable, the Government added.

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