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Animal welfare views sought Apr 25th 2019, 16:00
A public consultation on the Government’s proposals for enhancing animal welfare is being held until July 31. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Ordinance will be amended so that the law not only prohibits and penalises cruelty to animals, but also includes taking action on looking after them well. Duty of care will be imposed on those responsible for animals to take proper care of them and an improvement notice will be issued where the duty of care has not been fulfilled, with an appropriate penalty set for contravening such duty. The maximum penalty for animal cruelty offences will also be increased and the courts will be empowered to disqualify a person convicted of the offence from keeping animals within a specified period of time or permanently. Moreover, public officers will be given the necessary powers of entry to premises and seizure of animals to enhance the protection of animals from unnecessary suffering. Speaking to reporters today, Secretary for Food & Health Prof Sophia Chan said the legal amendment aims to enhance animal welfare and fill any gaps in the existing law. “We will need time to actually look into the comments that we receive from the consultation. And it really depends on how many comments we have received, and then we can look at the time that is required to analyse them. “After analysing, then we would finalise the framework and we have to work with our Department of Justice in drafting the law.” Prof Chan said she does not envisage big hurdles in the Government’s bid to amend the ordinance, as it is just like any other law being amended. The Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department will hold four forums as part of the consultation exercise. Click here for details.

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